About Our Leather

When we first founded our luxury line, we were determined to maintain our mission throughout the process – to provide heirloom-quality handbags and weekenders using only the finest components possible.

This commitment to source ectu’s leather and hardware led us across Europe. Only after visiting Florence, Italy did we realize we found the perfect mix of leather fit for our designs. 

Italian Leather is World-Renown & Respected

Unlike leather that is mass produced or worse – made of plastic and passed off as genuine leather, Italian full-grain leather is made to last for years and years. In addition to requiring longer production times, full-grain Italian leather is made by expert tanners using traditional tanning methods that are often better for the environment than using fast fashion methods. These tanneries have been around for many generations, many of whom were taught the family trade from their parents, who were taught by their parents’ parents, and so on.

Through introducing an ectu bag into your home, you preserve this tradition, helping to ensure that the priceless cultural knowledge and techniques will continue for future generations. 

Why Full-Grain Italian Leather?

Full-grain leather is the top layer of the hide. Because the natural grain is preserved in this top layer, it is known for exceptional beauty. This is one reason why no two ectu bags look alike – the subtle grain is much like a fingerprint, and changes from piece to piece.

Most other brands use top grain leather. Because it has many imperfections, top grain is sanded down and, in the process, results in a less durable leather product. In contrast, full-grain leather expresses a smooth surface with few flaws. As our leather is never sanded or buffed down to remove natural marks or imperfections, it is several millimeters thicker and inherently stronger than top grain leather.

One of the reasons full-grain leather is more expensive than top-grain/lower quality leather is because it can be challenging to source near flawless hides. Much like reclaiming an heirloom walnut or cherry wood for the family table, the Italian leather grain is chosen based on its grand characteristics and minimal imperfections. While luxurious, it is inherently tough and durable enough to last a lifetime.

After sourcing the most ideal full-grain leather hides, our tanners then coat the hides so that they are even more durable, resistant from water damage and scratches. This makes ectu bags perfect for traveling and daily use.

We Work with Eco-Friendly Tanners Who Implement Sustainable Practices

We believe products worth cherishing must be produced according to sustainable practices that respect and cherish the earth. Therefore, we only work with tanners that are Leather Working Group (LWG) certified.

LWG is an internationally recognized group who maintains and develops a protocol for sustainable environmental practices. All tanneries certified by LWG undergo continuing on-site audits that include waste management, usage of environment resources such as water and energy, level of emissions to the environment, and traceability.

It is important to us that we use the best leather, both in quality and production practices. Full-grain Italian leather is known to be the finest leather in the world. Our tanners share our commitment in delivering the highest-quality product that also keeps environmental stewardship in mind.

Old Traditions to Meet the New

Just as the craftsmanship unique to Italian tanneries is handed down through a centuries-old tradition,  we wish the same for our bags, that they are extended from mother and father to son and daughter, between sisters and aunts, and best friends. Through the generations, our wish is that ectu pieces aren’t just travel bags to take you from point A to point B, but timeless pieces to accompany and complement your style as you tell your stories and live your life, near and far.