Simplicity is Sophistication.

Elizabeth and Connie met in business school. They bonded instantly over fashion and their love for simple sophistication. Following graduation, they went on their separate ways to pursue their careers.

Years later, a reunion trip was planned and upon meeting each other for the first time at the airport, Elizabeth and Connie had the same horrified thought: “Why is she carrying that bag?” Instantly, they were talking a mile a minute about carry-on bags! The bags that they had packed for the trip -- a simple nylon duffel and an uninspiring canvas gym bag -- gave no indication of the passion each knew the other had for style.

They discovered that they both had been searching for a travel bag in the functional luxury space, but with no luck. At this stage of their lives, functionality and convenience was important, but shouldn’t there be room for a bit of style, too? That was the night when ectu was born!

With a sleek, minimalist edge and supple leather build, ectu’s pieces are crafted for those who appreciate modern and contemporary aesthetics. The svelte collection brings to surface the ultimate combination of classic elements, function, and clean lines that make each ectu bag the perfect solution to a multi-dimensional lifestyle.  ectu embodies a well-edited compilation for the modern woman who values artistry, craftsmanship, and durability.


ectu is synonymous with exceptional quality and social responsibility.

It wasn’t until after an exhaustive search across Europe that Elizabeth and Connie identified two factories, one in Ubrique, Spain, and another in Florence, Italy that ticked all the boxes. Only once they discovered these two factories, world-renowned for their leather traditions and a treasured artisanal wellspring behind other luxury brands, did they start creating their collection. 

Their commitment to quality extends not only to concept and design but also to materials used to construct each piece and the production practices of their partners. They have searched and sampled many tanneries to find the best Italian leather for their luxury travel bags. 

All the weekenders are made from full-grain Italian calfskin which is considered the best as it comes from the most desirable part of the skin and sourced only from tanneries that are LWG certified. LWG is an internationally recognized group that maintains and develops a protocol for sustainable environmental practices.

ectu practices the ultimate sustainability by moving away from trends in favor of classic quality pieces that can last a lifetime. Every detail, down to the last stitch of each bag has been examined and handled for excellence.