The Veda Crossbody: From Concept to Final Product

In light of the recent upheavals in our lives (we’re looking at you, pandemic), one word has been on our minds when it comes to style - relevance.

Remote work is now ubiquitous, with business travel on the steep downtrend. Vacations abroad? Nope. Airplanes even? Unlikely anytime soon. 

Our goal was to introduce a handbag that allows one to re-experience the freedom of travel, even when sticking closer to home. After a process consumed with self-reflection and observation, we’ve come up with a product that has us head over heels. 

These days, with so much uncertainty, it’s nice to see a plan come to fruition. Please celebrate along with us and see the process.


Remote work and zoom meetings are in vogue, business class and hotel brunch are out. So many of us are juggling multiple tasks at once, such as work, school, kids… our new handbag had to be flexible to accommodate today’s demands, even if it is just running out to the store.

After brainstorming various concepts that subscribe to our hands-free, get in and get out theme, we knew we needed a handbag that is large enough to fit the essential items, and still have a little bit of extra room for other personal items. 


It was important for us to strive for a design that is both functional and beautiful, while still demonstrating originality. 

For example, this mini bag has to be sleek and chic, yet roomy enough for items such as air pods, travel size sanitizer bottle, phone, credit cards, as well as a larger cellphone. In addition, straps are crucial as we all have different body types and differ in what we deem as a comfortable carrying style. We wanted something more flexible, unique, and inclusive without using the conventional buckle or studs. 

After multiple rounds of drawings and never-ending discussions, we finally had a design to jump up and down for. 

Yep, we were still in lockdown, but at least the design was “locked in.”


With a winning final design, it was time to send it off to the factory. Once in the hands of our wonderful factory partners in Italy, the next step was to determine the best way to construct the bag. 

Throughout the sampling process, we deliberate on the hardware finishes as well as the specific type of leather. Once we receive the sample, we experiment with the hardware, matching up various pieces such as chains, clips, and rings, to determine which combination conveys our desired aesthetic. 


Once the prototype is finished, we make necessary changes before giving production the green light. We produce in small quantities so that every detail is not overlooked, each stitch is examined and not as much waste is produced compared to mass production. 

<Drumroll> Introducing the Veda crossbody bag! We welcome this bag to the ectu family, and yours.