The Veda Crossbody: Three Colors Styled Three Ways

We put a lot of thought and heart into the design and function of our bags. This couldn’t be truer than with the Veda crossbody. Marrying sustainability and style, the Veda features a top and a bottom compartment to hold all your essentials and then some.

Available in four brilliant color combinations and an adjustable chain strap, the “V” in Veda may as well stand for versatile. From a night out affair to a family brunch, the Veda will pull off your outfit and carry you through all the day’s and evening’s events without leaving a scratch (thank the coated calfskin leather for that).

Here, we showcase the Veda in black, storm, and camel colorways with corresponding wardrobes each with a distinctive look to take you from spring to summer. The color combos work superbly well in terms of complimenting the bag’s style and form. We love how the hands-free chain in both gold and silver accentuate Veda’s shape and add punctuation to any outfit. 

Cross Paths with the Many Faces of the Veda Crossbody

 Look 1 - Refined Transitional

Refined Transitional
    • Veda in black may be dressed up or down, day or night.
    • We’re taking the Veda out to compliment a blazer and black pumps for a dressier look.
    • Everything in this outfit is a modernized take on the classic.

 Look 2 - Casual Elegance

Casual Elegance
    • Veda in storm shows off a silver chain, exuding cool and casual vibes.
    • We’ve matched this stormy tempest with a matching sweats in midnight and sneakers.
    • This look is perfect for everyday fun —brunch, meetups, as well as adding a bit of magic as you dart around town on errands.

 Look 3 - Downtown Chic

Downtown Chic
    • Veda in camel anchors this monochromatic look ensuring each piece is enhanced, not overpowered.
    • A mix of bold and classic elements informs a majestic sensitivity.
    • This look is a knockout ensemble to transition you from spring to summer while the camel color is on the nose 365 days a year. 

What’s Your Inner Veda?

The Veda crossbody suits those for whom maximizing fashion out of each piece is a priority, both for sustainability and simplicity. Everyday essential? Of course. Dressed-up evenings? Absolutely! Whichever classic color you choose - black, storm, camel, or sand – the Veda delivers on our vision, to underscore your personal style.