Grateful for a Unique 2020 Blog Series Featuring Kinya Claiborne

After more than 15 years of experience in the telecommunications and media industry, Kinya Claiborne launched the Los Angeles based STYLE & SOCIETY Magazine in 2013 as a platform to celebrate the best of entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, travel and food around the world. As the editor-in-chief, she oversees the core publication and digital across all platforms. Additionally, Kinya is also a style influencer, TV host, lifestyle expert, and media aficionado.

No stranger to the spotlight, she has been nominated for numerous awards most notably the Los Angeles Business Journal (LABJ) Entrepreneur of the Year award, honoring achievements by powerful women making a difference in Los Angeles. Get to know more about Kinya, how she stays focused in an ever-evolving industry and what she is grateful for this year.   


1. What Inspired you to start Style & Society?

Stepping out of fear and fully into faith, I left my consulting job at Metro + McKissack & McKissack after nearly a decade, to take the next steps in my career as a full-time entrepreneur and content creator, managing a dynamic team of two-dozen STYLE & SOCIETY team members spanning the globe.

Style & Society Magazine started as a creative outlet while working over two decades in corporate America. My vision was to launch a creative publication that would push forward covering the best of entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, food & drinks, travel, events, and philanthropy in the global scene and empower black content creators.

2. What has been the proudest moment since you started Style & Society?

As a full-time entrepreneur, content creator, and influencer I’ve garnered numerous awards including a nomination for the Los Angeles Business Journal (LABJ) Fashion Award in the Influencer/ Trendsetter category honoring top individuals who drive tremendous economic growth in Los Angeles. I also received the Entrepreneur of the Year award, honoring achievements by powerful women who make a difference throughout Los Angeles.

3. How has Covid-19 impacted your business? What are some of the changes you had to make in the wake of the pandemic?

The strength of a brand relies on the diversity of its people and I know we will get through this by standing together and seeing every challenge as an opportunity. ⁣Since COVID-19, Style & Society Magazine has been disrupted by travel restrictions, business closures and event cancellations, however we have shifted our focus to adapt while leveraging the power of digital media.

4. What is something that most people don’t know about you?

Most people don’t know that I am a survivor of the Route 91 Mass Shooting in Las Vegas

5. What advice would you give to women who hope to start their own business?

Success isn’t always measured by the amount of Instagram followers or the money you make. Success is measured by reaching your own personal goals and using your influence to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

6. What are some of the personal challenges you faced this year and what have you found to help maintain a healthy mental balance?

Covid-19 coupled with the Back Lives Matter Movement has impacted my business, but I know we will get through this together by seeing every challenge as an opportunity. As a content creator, my business has been disrupted by travel restrictions, business closures and event cancellations, but I know that the world is bigger than what’s right in front of us and have shifted my focus to adapt, while working from home. ⁣

7. What is next for Style & Society?

Celebrating women empowerment, I recently launched STYLE & SOCIETY Group specializing in strategic communications, community relations, event planning, creative services, and digital marketing to help other brands empower, inspire and influence communities with confidence.  STYLE & SOCIETY Group speaks to an affluent audience of influencers, stakeholders and opinion leaders offering a 360-degree approach to integrated marketing to help brands inspire a highly engaged audience.

8. Your business is involved in fast-paced and ever evolving industries including fashion, media events, lifestyle trends, and travel. How do you mentally and physically manage to keep up with everything?

I have been indulging in self-care and focusing on my mental health. I recently did an Instagram takeover with Revolve where I shared my nighttime self-care routine, and partnered with Go Daddy to share resources to help business success during the pandemic. 

9. Given all that has transpired this year, what is the one thing you are most grateful for?

I am most grateful for my team of photographers, writers, and social media staff as they are the backbone of the business.

10. Do you have any special plans for this holiday season?

I have been doing a lot of travel since the pandemic and working with tourism boards, hotels and airlines around the country to highlight how to travel responsibly during Covid-19. Some of the destinations include Napa, Sonoma, Park City, Miami, Paso Robles, and Springfield, Missouri and more!